Astilleros De Mallorca Newsletter

Posted Oct. 15, 2012, 10:02 a.m.
Astilleros De Mallorca Newsletter (Download PDF) The World´s Most Advanced Multi Touch Navigation Interface Estay Electronics was the first company in Europe to install the Navnet TZ Touch platform in a classic sailing yacht. The yacht, a valued customer, requested the installment of this innovative system during one of its frequent stops at Astilleros de Mallorca. Although Furuno had presented its award winning technology in the USA, it was not yet available in Europe In order to meet with the delivery date required by the yacht in this instance, the new system had to be supplied directly from Japan. The assistance of the Furuno Spain technicians during the “premier” installation, turned this sneak preview into a unique team work experience. This successfully fitted system delivers another step forward in the commitment we all have towards the future
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